360 Photobooth

360 Photobooth :

360 photo booths are a fun twist on the classic and perfect for social media. By changing your pose through a series of 4 photos, you can create and instantly receive your animation.

360 photo booths have become a new hot commodity and offer fun entertainment for any event. There is a $100 charge to add a gif option to your photo booth

Green Screen

Green Screen

Chroma Key production is one of the funniest ways to spice up a party! Have  blast while your head takes a ride on a horse body! Take a walk on the beach, or maybe just go for a swim. Green screen has the ability to take you away from reality into any fantasy you wish for! Green screen photo booth prints off in just a few seconds. Kids and adults can never get enough of it. If the weatherman can do it so can you.There are no limits to your Imagination. Any event will greatly be enhanced by this super party favor.

Themed Props :

We can help you find costumes to accommodate any theme you may have in mind. We have several random props that will accommodate most crowds. We do occasionally get a special request for something specific. Price will vary depending on the amount of costumes you wish to acquire. We do not charge for our time to order them.

Custom Strips:

We have several templates to choose from. Our photo booth strip templates range from wedding style to any special occasion or holiday party. If you decide to choose one we do not own ,the template is typically a $40 charge. We can print 2×6 photo strips or 4×6 photos, the choice is yours.

Extra Hours

The price is $200 per hour after the initial package purchase.

Custom Backdrop

Typically range from $100 to $350 – Ranging from custom wedding design,  or party designs, all the way to step and repeat with your custom logo.

DJ add on

We offer an extra hour of photobooth service for free when combined with our DJ service.