It is a rare and unique find in the Indy area. You may say everyone claims to have a laser show these days, how is it rare? Because very very few companies have taken laser lighting to the level we have. Our lasers are extremely high powered. Why do we have to have licensing to run our lasers, because it takes training to run the kind of high-powered lasers we have.

We have been in the laser business for many years now, and appreciate the difference between a gift shop dj laser and an animated concert worthy laser. We can even write your name or logo with this bad boy! The Mobile Beat Max MK2 Aerial Effect Laser is no joke! It has the ability to do animations up to sizes 30ft by 30ft. It produces more than a 1000 colors with the rgb color mixing effect. It has precision beams that create a low divergence for amazing laser shows. This is just one of the beautiful laser effects we can offer.

We have another laser by the X laser line that is amazing at providing ceiling effects. You may be familiar with the popular starry ceiling effect.  This is a super fun way to add some fun to your party for great value.

If you are looking for a way to really wow your crowd and provide something nobody else has we have the perfect opportunity for you. The animated lasers are real crowd pleasers with 100’s of images, it is capable of showing off. It provides the entertainment all on it’s own!